Stories – Old and New

On this page we will publish anecdotes from yesteryear – and maybe not so long ago! The webmaster and St Catherine’s take no responsibility for the accuracy of any stories published. If you have a story you believe would be of interest to readers please contact the webmaster.

“If you Google Rev. Thomas Budd, one of the vicars of Montacute in the 1600’s, you will see how he descended through the ecclesiastical strata at a time when the church and government were at loggerheads and he spent the last 9 years of his life in Ilchester jail.

Several years ago I was approached by descendants of Rev Budd who were constructing their family tree, for any  information I could provide. A friend of mine who was keen on historical events went to a great deal of trouble to dig up what she could from various sources. When I faxed all this to the family, I don’t think it was quite what they were hoping for – they covered their embarrassment by claiming Thomas was martyred!” (history re-written – Webmaster) 



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