All Saints Church School


Montacute is really fortunate to have a wonderful village Primary School which is a Church School. The school is renowned for its family atmosphere and for its distinctive Christian ethos and values. You can see what we mean here:

We rejoice with All Saints as it begins its new journey as an Academy in the Bath And Wells Multi Academy Trust

We pray for you and love hearing your achievements!


School Badge

Gordon Rendell has provided this explanation of the All Saints badge…..

I constructed the original when Revd. Richard Meyer came to the newly constructed benefice. I started with Montacute’s St. Catherine’s wheel and superimposed the cross of St. Andrew for Brympton and in the spaces either side of the centre, (I’m sure there is an Heraldic term for this), I placed the crossed keys and the crossed swords for St. Peter and St. Paul to represent Odcombe and Lufton. I approached the Head of Classics at Sherborne School for a suitable motto. “Beneath this sign may we flourish” I thought was apt and he came back with “Sub Hoc Signo Floreamus”.

Then when Revd. John Jenkins came and All Saint’s School was built I suggested to the architect that it might be a suitable addition to the front porch and there we are. You now see hundreds of these little crests going about on shirts and bags throughout the village.

Thank you Gordon – for the badge and the history!


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